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Struggle and Success

I once worked in a company where there were people who built their own business up from nothing and made anywhere from $100K – $5M a year. If you can understand that building up your own wealth from nothing and running a successful business is not easy, then you’ll apprecaite what I have to say next.

Whenever people asked these individuals what they did to become wealthy or how they overcame their challenges, the one thing they all shared was that during their initial years, they would experience periods where they would have struggles and then see some success.

“I would see a pattern of struggle, struggle, struggle, small success. Struggle, struggle, struggle, BIG success. Struggle, struggle, struggle, EXPLOSIVE success” they said.

If you think that because you are experiencing some kind of roadblock into what you’re doing because someone said “no” to you, or someone doesn’t believe in your vision, or you’re seeing bumps in the road in your path to success, and you are thinking that it’s time to quit, you’re wrong. If you are experiencing these challenges, it means you’re on the right track.

Based off of what these very successful people have showed me, no one comes out of the gate with HUGE success. It comes in waves, followed by temporary moments of challenges. They would never be where they are today if they packed it in and called it quits.

If you are reading this now, remember that setbacks are a part of the path to success. There was obviously a reason why you started doing what you’re doing and you had a vision for it. Take some time and remember what those reasons were as they will give you the strength and conviction to move forward!

If I were to call up any one of these people and ask them, “Was it worth it? Was it worth going through all your challenges to get to where you are today?” I think that with no hesitation, they would all tell me, “Absolutely.”


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