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Vivid Ribbon Photography & Design is not just about photography. It’s not just about design. It’s about the combination of artistry and passion, insight and fun to create unique visual elements that convey style and atmosphere.

Why the name “Vivid Ribbon”?

Imagine you are given a beautifully wrapped gift. The paper is clean and bright, crisply creased and tightly hugging the package. It has a colourful satin ribbon tied neatly in a brilliant bow, just waiting for you to unravel it. Care and thought has been taken into presenting you with this gift. You have the VIVID impression that it’s going to be something special!

That is what the Vivid Ribbon experience is all about – capturing that lasting impression of something worth celebrating – the perfect gift, wrapped in a ribbon just for you. This is precisely what we strive to create for you with our photography, design, and customer service.

To us, Vivid Ribbon is more than a business. It is way of looking at the world through the lens of art and style to elevate the ordinary, and truly showcase the extraordinary.   We are very excited for what we can do for individuals, businesses, and the community through Vivid Ribbon.

Our technical expertise, creativity, business acumen, and most importantly, the value we place on understanding our client’s vision, set us apart. We qualify and get to know our clients to fully understand their current marketing strategies and objectives. With our team, you receive more than a finished product; you receive relevent expertise and value-added consultation stemming from our diverse experience in multiple areas of business and the digital world. Equipped with top of the line photography gear and professional software, we combine artistic craftsmanship with technology to meet your unique visual and digital media needs. Please navigate to THE TEAM for further information regarding our skills, experience and business philosophy.

We are committed to ensuring you are completely satisfied with the end result and our service. Please contact us for a free consultation and quote on your next creative project or photography needs.


Vivid Ribbon strongly believes in supporting local business and building community. Since May of 2014, Vivid Ribbon has become a business partner with YEG Fitness, a local fitness magazine and brand that breaks the stereotypes of what being “fit” means. The magazine focuses on wellness, nutrition, and mental health as part of what fitness is all about. The magazine also focuses on local businesses and people who are making a difference in the fitness community and highlights what they do.


In efforts to give back to the community, Chan created @UrbanYEG on Instagram, a positive online community that curates and features the artwork of local photographers.  In less than a year, the UrbanYEG community has grown to 11,400 and has rallied together beyond Instagram to support peer learning, raise awareness about mental health issues, and volunteer for such organizations as Ronald McDonald House, Ribbon Rouge, and HIV Edmonton. This work has garnered attention from CBC Edmonton and made collaborations possible with the City of Edmonton and the Art Gallery of Alberta.


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