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Career paths are not linear. Sometimes it takes doing a bunch of different things to let you know where you’re supposed to be and what feels right.

I have a background in Business, with a focus in Marketing and Finance. I have worked in retail, technical support for Quickbooks in a call centre, sales, customer service, fitness, manufacturing, and marketing to name a few. I’ve sold insurance and investments in the financial industry. As a Project & Design Manager, I’ve even designed and manufactured custom metal architectural panels by programming fully automated CNC equipment. These projects can be seen in Edmonton and Canada wide.

It took 12 years of working at these positions to realize what I was really looking for: a creative outlet and being in control of my career.

Why photography? I didn’t immediately know that I wanted photography to my business. I took months to think about what exactly in the creative world that I wanted to do and then it came to me: I’ve always been creative and technical. I had been shooting since I was young and it was photography that brought me excitement to create visuals. I decided that I should take my passion for photography and creativity and pair that with all of my technical experience in marketing, business, and customer service to create a valuable experience and product for our clients.

Working in a variety of industries and roles has allowed me to acquire a wide range of skills through hands-on experience and increase my knowledge about each of those industries. For our clients, what this means is that I’m in a position to better understand their vision and then be able to translate that into marketing assets using creative and technical photography expertise.

We’re excited and ready to work with you on your next creative project and deliver the best possible customer experience!

Chan Rin,

Founder and Director of Photography

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