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Today is Special

So, here I am. The rarely public, sometimes referenced – but I assure you – always lurking second half of the partnership that is Vivid Ribbon. Many of you probably had no idea there were two of us, or maybe…

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Stop the Hating

Something that was brought to mind when I had a meeting this past week was the topic of people who feel territorial or otherwise project negative feelings toward others when it comes to photography and arts in general. We have…

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BroSpin 2

January 16, 2015 - #BroSpin 2.0 at Spinunity, Sherwood Park. The energy was high. The bass was pumpin'. Erika Barootes killed it in this 1 hour, adrenaline packed, spin class! While I was not on a bike and was photographing…

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We love business and we love helping others to become successful. From the beginning, our approach and mindset with Vivid Ribbon Photography & Design has always been that it's not just about us, it's about what we can do through…

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Know Your Audience

Before I begin, let’s make something clear: many people don’t like to consider themselves a salesperson but let’s be honest, if you are a Consultant of any kind, you are selling your skills and expertise. You are trying to convince…

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