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Spin The Blue

Spin The Blue

3 sessions. 6 Motivators. Not even the rain could stop this crowd! It was an unforgettable evening of awesome beats and sweating it out in Hawrelak Park for #SpinTheBlue hosted by Spinunity. You came here for the pics…so here they are! Enjoy


SpinTheBlue-VRP-4593 SpinTheBlue-VRP-4602 SpinTheBlue-VRP-4605 SpinTheBlue-VRP-4661 SpinTheBlue-VRP-4705 SpinTheBlue-VRP-4722 SpinTheBlue-VRP-4790 SpinTheBlue-VRP-4830 SpinTheBlue-VRP-4840 SpinTheBlue-VRP-4842 SpinTheBlue-VRP-4872 SpinTheBlue-VRP-4875 SpinTheBlue-VRP-4985 SpinTheBlue-VRP-5013 SpinTheBlue-VRP-5062 SpinTheBlue-VRP-5099 SpinTheBlue-VRP-5179 SpinTheBlue-VRP-5236 SpinTheBlue-VRP-5304 SpinTheBlue-VRP-5317 SpinTheBlue-VRP-5399 SpinTheBlue-VRP-5406 SpinTheBlue-VRP-5510 SpinTheBlue-VRP-5584 SpinTheBlue-VRP-5613 SpinTheBlue-VRP-5620 SpinTheBlue-VRP-5675 SpinTheBlue-VRP-5691 SpinTheBlue-VRP-5739 SpinTheBlue-VRP-5747 SpinTheBlue-VRP-5751 SpinTheBlue-VRP-5773 SpinTheBlue-VRP-5789.


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